Juhu beach is a morning person

Juhu beach is probably the most famous beach of Mumbai. Infamous for many accusations such as being a filthy dumpyard or worse. Accusations don’t not perturb him though, the greying has come from a lot of experience. He has seen many love stories start and end. He has lived more Ganesh Visarjans than anyone can claim. He has amazed wandering tourists and locals. He has enjoyed monkey dances and cotton candies. He has supported passionate games of beach cricket and football. He has fed  infinite pigeons. He has embraced swimming floats, fishing boats and a gigantic ship! He has smiled for glorious photographs and accepted ridiculing headlines.

Juhu beach must be my most frequented place in the city and our love does not fade.


But i agree, at 7pm of any evening it is indeed difficult to walk on the beach without stepping on litter. Catch-up with Juhu beach when he is at his best – at the break of dawn! You may spot one of these 100 relentless workers who start their work of cleaning OUR mess at 6am every morning.


A clean, glistening, cheerful Juhu beach welcomes the suburban morning walkers. If the sun dancing on the waves does not light up your face, the freshest breeze in Mumbai will. A good run, an easy stroll , some yoga stretches, people-watching, a frisbee catch, the fresh nariyal pani (coconut water), an adorable dog, an even adorable oldie – one of these or all of them will make your smile from inside 🙂


How amazing it must be to be Juhu Beach! Every morning, he watches (LIVE!) the coexistence of so many extremes and contradictions of the Maximum city.The proud concrete city-scrapers and the iconic Bandra-Worli sea link, surrounded on three sides by the expanse of the Arabian sea. Airplanes flying high over the beach, carrying dreamy-eyed passengers (eyes full of dreams or void of sleep). Birds flying down to the beach to fetch grains offered by some kind morning-walkers. Well- groomed, over-pampered, leashed dogs run behind their masters looking happy. Young, carefree kids leave the grasp of their parents and jump on the waves and look as happy!

Mumbai-Mornings-Juhu-BeachFor a happy start to a day, go meet Juhu beach one morning.


11 thoughts on “Juhu beach is a morning person

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  3. I love to walk the beach, although it’s been years since I’ve done so in the morning, and I’ve never done in it India. Thank you for the virtual tour!

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  6. This post brought back memories. WE visited our cousins who lived in Juhu in the 60’s and shared many happy memories of Juhu Beach. I’ve visited as an adult a couple more times. You describe it all so well.

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