Demythifying morning people

Unfortunately, morning people are not only endangered they are the rare going-to-be-extinct-species whom everyone abhors (think about how many organisations are protecting the other endangered species of the world!). There are no striking statistics or passionate speeches I can share to change our reputation. But believe me, we are nice harmless human beings who love their coffee, a big breakfast and are NOT chirpy early morning (the definition of early morning being subjective :P)

So, I just tried a meme (my first) to highlight what morning people definitely are not!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 5.58.33 pm

Good morning! *yawn*




4 thoughts on “Demythifying morning people

  1. Very nice blog. I guess, I will be visiting this place more often. I am also a morning people, but I mostly do what (as shown) society thinks I do

    • Thank you, Kaustabhjoshi. I am so glad to find another morning person! Well, I also try to do “what society thinks” but sometimes my laziness gets the better of me :/

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