Getting shit done in the morning

I mean literally. Getting shit done in the morning is a challenge for almost half the population of India. You thought you had the worst life?

After you watch this superbly crafted video on the morning story of many Mumbaikars, you may stop complaining about your morning.

Of the estimated billion people who defecate in the open, more than half reside in India. The woefully insufficient progress in sanitation makes India an outlier even among developing countries. And at the current rate of progress India will only achieve the sanitation target (sanitation Millennium Development Goal) in 2054.

Under these circumstances, United Nations Children’s Fund’ launched an unexpected Poo2Loo campaign led by Mr Poo, a turd (yes, literally again). Campaign page: In a silly, surreal video Mr Poo chases a man down until the community constructs a giant bright, giant toilet to flush public defecation. The punny campaign has a mobile games called ‘toilet trek’ and many other such weird games are being played in city malls. The campaign may get social media success by getting half a million online pledges and somewhat making a taboo subject accessible. However, there is no evidence of it having made much of a real difference so far. I do doubt the efficacy of such an initiative. I want to be wrong.

And for all those thinking nastily about the ill-mannered people who do defecate in public, given a choice they too would like to to do it with dignity. No?

5 thoughts on “Getting shit done in the morning

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