Deep fried deliciousness: Part one

There is something about deep frying; it has the power to make ANYTHING delectable. You don’t like a vegetable? Just slather it with some batter and bathe it in Safolla, what comes out is crispy fried awesomeness. Always cheers me up 😀

Though, deep-fried food is (rightfully) at the top of The-List-of-Things-Thou-Shalt Not-Eat-To-Stay-Healthy. We Indians love #DeepFried. And we are not alone, the Americans deep fry PBJ sandwiches, the Scottish love deep-fried Mars, in fact there is also a thing called deep-fried Coke!!


Even if you don’t want to be that innovative there are several deep fried Indian breakfast options which most people reserve for the weekend (coz going to work after a tummy full of deep fried goodness is a very bad idea). My favourite being: Chhole Bhature (or Cholestrol bhature, as a victim of auto-correct on iPhone once texted me)

I must say, a lot of places in Mumbai don’t quite get this quintessential Punjabi delicacy, the Shiv Sagars and the Bombay Blues are definitely not my go to places for a Chhole-Bhature craving. The one place that does satiate is this tiny outlet tucked in Andheri east:


It starts getting reasonably crowded right as it opens at 8:30 am on the main street of Mahakali caves. Extended in front of the covered sweet shop is a porch with a couple of stand up tables. You can see them being fried on an open wok and then the crunchy bhaturas along with the very authentic north indian style chhole come to your plate. The mango pickle, onions and green chills make them oh-sooo-perfect.


At Rs. 36 for a plate with single bhatura it’s an extremely affordable breakfast! (Well not so much for your BMI) Their Samosas and Jalebis are also extremely irresistible and very popular among the regulars here. I will write separately about the best Samosa-jalebi breakfast joints, they definitely deserve a dedicated post.

For now I strongly recommend keeping aside a huge quota of calories for a morning indulgence  at Gulati’s 🙂

Where: 35, Sher-E-Punjab Society, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East

Opens at: 8:30 am


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