Aptly named: ‘alarm’ clock

An excerpt from Milan Kundera’s extremely entertaining, brilliantly plotted ‘The Farewell Party’:

“In this country people don’t appreciate mornings. They wake up abruptly, with an alarm clock which breaks up their sleep like the blow of an ax, and they immediately propel themselves into a joyless bustle of activity. Tell me, how can a decent day start in such an unseemly, violent manner! What happens to people who start life each morning with a small shock of alarm from their so aptly named alarm clock? Every day they become a little more conditioned to violence, and a little less accustomed to delight. Believe me, people’s characters are decided by their mornings.”

As difficult as it may be, not relying on a jarring alarm clock is probably the first favour you can do to yourself. So now for the next one year, I will try not to depend on an alarm clock! If I do manage, I will probably never need it again 🙂


12 thoughts on “Aptly named: ‘alarm’ clock

  1. I guess that might explain why I enjoy the 1,5 hour I have at work by myself. And I’m fluffy and lovable on the weekends 🙂

    But how will you get up at the right time in the morning if you don’t have an alarm screaming at you?

    • Yeah, know the feeling 🙂

      I am usually up just 5-10 mins before my alarm, I still wait in bed for the alarm to kick-start the day. So shouldn’t be too hard, just one moment of strong will 🙂

      • I usually have that to, but if I don’t have the alarm I’m scared I won’t get up.
        But then again as one of my colleagues mentioned, if you oversleep one day – no one will notice, because they aren’t here.
        That was after I had overslept

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