Morning event: bicycle festival

The legendary cyclist John Howard observed, “The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” Precisely.

When four cyclists in Mumbai felt the need to promote cycling, they became the engine to drive the first of its kind cycling festival in Mumbai. This, by the cyclists, for the cyclists fest called ‘Crank it up’ was held yesterday, 21st April 2013. The intention was to simply celebrate the joys of cycling.

Kids and adults joined in many races, the ‘slow race’ being most popular. The stunt performers and tattoo artists added to the festivities. But, what made the event most interesting and unique was the bicycle parade it was like a carnival where people dressed up their bikes and themselves in funky colours and costumes. Bicycle enthusiasm and rider revelry at its best!


The bicycle parade from different parts of the city converged at the newly renovated Pushpa Narsee Park in Juhu. It happens to be the only park in the city to have a dedicated cycling track! The cycling track is about 500 meter long complete with an incline. This can be a great start for those contemplating pursuing cycling and definitely for the kids in the vicinity. Apparently, one can also rent a bicycle there. The park also has a jogging track and a special corners for kids and senior citizens


Think back of the last time you rode a bicycle? I am sure it will bring back fond memories. Now you have one less excuse to not start cycling again.

Park opens at 7 am

Entry fee is Rs 10

Address: Pushpa Narsee Park, Juhu


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